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Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
Plz check tata sky stb and tell. Also many times diff stb models may give diff readi
(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:23)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Also it changes for same satellite in different regions. I also know what i am writing about and have enough knowledge
From how many years u r tracking sats ? how many sats u have tracked in ur life ? how many dish u have aligned in ur life ?  u might have read articles,books,       searched google but they only Helps.. remember Helps ur tracking.. without any practical experiance no one could get the exact knowledge .. those written in books r only theory  but not always works in Practical..
we in our language Kannada says always ..  ಪುಸ್ತಕದ ಬದನೇಕಾಯಿ .. translate and search google for understanding .. :Tongue so leave about what knowledge i have in Sat tracking..
(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:44)anilsk01 Wrote:
(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:19)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote:
(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:15)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Once u get highest signal quality in home tp then u will get max signal in other tp's too. My dish alignment and lnb skew r perfect.

LNB Skew is at -10.9.

Dear i am tracking Sats from many years and know a bit on this surely... there r many things to get perfect signals even in KU band Dish too...         Getting 100% signal in Home TP is not enough surely..Home Transponder is always the strongest   ...
For example in RDTV we can get 100% signal in Home TP but its most of the time we r not getting signals in HD TP or full signals .. so we have to align according to the HD TP signals..

yes 100% true  kumarsir  , i as know  rdtv even u get 100 % in home tp the last tp and the hd tp  will some times no signal

Yes.. He is just following the knowledge of the contents written in Sites, books and articles.. actually he have no exact practical experiance..  we r in sat tracking from many years and actually we dont need of those articles,books to align any Dish.. but its good if we read them and improve our knowledge..
(Monday 02-November-2015, 10:53)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Also kumar sir's scanning stb is giving wrong reading. 11550 H does not have 100% signal quality or 78% strength. It has just 40% signal quality in normal situation and 20% quality when 11550 v is on

I am not checking in STB .. its bcoz the signal level, quality is not perfect in any STB .. Those r depanding on the SW of provider.. Its in all DTH STB.. even u can see the differance in differant FTA Recievers, DTH STB, PCI Cards .. all depands on the SW of certain gadget.. I have seen this in many STB,FTA Recievers.. even if u didnt get 60% in fta Rciever or PCI card the STB will show it 100% .. Anil can confirm in RDTV STB... its always stable @100% in a SW Version/STB. differs in another SW/Model..
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I think TataSky have 8 Tp's in all in Gsat 10 in total.

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