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Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
I have made a simple calculation ..thats all .. can u give me any one instance of activating many Transponders for additions by any DTH ? if they activate few then its for migrations or shifting done .. i think this was done by ADTV and Sun Direct while shifting sats..
Agree. But if H signals get low when V Tp's r fully activated with proper signals then it would be confirmed that surely both r from same sat
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Nothing like that surely as per my findings.. I never faced such issues during earlier Vertical Transponders testing too.. There r many things will disturb the signals .. if any one part of dish,LNB, Cable, f connectors and others is not perfect then the signals will be effected one way or other.. the most effect is while recieving Both Pol signals.. there might be less effect in single pol signals..
(Wednesday 28-October-2015, 15:48)aumnamonarayana Wrote: They r using frequency re-use method. So GSat10 has H and V Tp's now. Even TS cust care is confirming that they have 24 Tp's and migrated ti GSat in may

What is frequency reuse you are mentioning? I have heard the same from some other forums were some purported this new theory of finding space in a transponder when there is none!
I think they r twisting the method in used to split the c band transponders to frequencies into ku band too... :lol:

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