Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..

Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
U 1st started na .. Big Grin Maine sirf answer diya ... Tongue
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(Thursday 29-October-2015, 07:28)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Strange, really strange. Amantan bro and Kumar Sir , both of u rr sat experts and still do not know about frequency reuse concept. Request u to search on google about " frequency reuse in satellitetransponders" instead of poking fun.

I am not interested in increasing post count to increase traffic in this forum, that is a failed technique which other forums have already tried on me

We know about frequency reuse concept and that is why telling you are getting confused with it. You are talking about Transponder reuse by which you claim that Tata sky can use same transponder for V & H. In this case, Insat or Gsat or AmatanSat are not scarce for frequency. But these satellites don't have transponders in it, to send more data which Tata Sky or other dth wants.

Now tell how come frequency reuse is = Transponder reuse?

Lets assume transponder reuse is possible in that case why will Tata Sky wait these many years? All the DTH operators would have first reused their same transponder on both H & V and then only would have taken additional TPs right? Why they are not doing that?
If a satellite already has V snd H tp's wuth same frequencies then this method cannot be used but ut can be used on sats like Insat 4A or Gsat 10 where originally just Single polarity tp's r there.

Eventually u will see and believe it. Using this method increases load plus decrease in signals r common occurrence
Even if we assume then Still the question remains y they didnt used till now as they 1stly migrated to MPEG4 by investing many crores .. there r many questions arrives .. they might have added many channels years bfore ..
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Very simple. Had u read previous threads then u would have understood.

Earlier- Insat 4A could not take load so they could not use frequency reuse and ISRO had told that they would get GSat as additional sat and not a replacement sat so they waited. Later in 2013 they started MPEG4 migration as they were bein given GSat as replacement sat which they disagreed too.

Right Now- Still i guess they will move to Asiasat and as they have 24 tp's booked there, till the time they migrate there which would take more than 2 years they will use GSat as ISRO had to give them GSat under contract as back up due to expiry of Insat 4A life
Bhaut Lambi Lambi FEKTE ho Aumnanonarayan. U sinply Live in Ivory Tower creating ur own Dreams day by day.
Confirmed frm my Sources Tatasky have only 12 tp's on Gsat-10 n no planning to move to Asiasat.
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And u live in a tower which i think would crumble if u don't throw mud on my face. At least i write based on facts and don't crib on everything. Grow up man
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I have read every threads but nothing prooves .. Smile
On that note ... They would have used the so called reused [nothing like that but assuming] method instead of migrations to MPEG4 by investing thousands of crores .. Even if they get 24 Transponders then too y migrations of MPEG4 ? Surely even if there is a method which can help the space they would have used them.. No such method ..thats y Tatasky migrated to MPEG4..the only alternative .. now they might got GSAT 10 so shifting the channels ..
even i didnt get a solid proof for 24 Transponders from Asiasat..
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Sir, when they started migration then they had no option. Asiasat or GSat came later in the picture when they drew a plan. In the short period, only Mpeg4 migration was a way out else they would have been stuck unable to add chs.

Regarding 24 tp's, it is much needed. 12 tp's will be full in a jiffy as they r adding so many chs specially HD and wait n watch they will add more than 100 chs in next few months including HD and 4K

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