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Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
Bhaut Lambi Lambi FEKTE ho Aumnanonarayan. U sinply Live in Ivory Tower creating ur own Dreams day by day.
Confirmed frm my Sources Tatasky have only 12 tp's on Gsat-10 n no planning to move to Asiasat.
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And u live in a tower which i think would crumble if u don't throw mud on my face. At least i write based on facts and don't crib on everything. Grow up man
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I have read every threads but nothing prooves .. Smile
On that note ... They would have used the so called reused [nothing like that but assuming] method instead of migrations to MPEG4 by investing thousands of crores .. Even if they get 24 Transponders then too y migrations of MPEG4 ? Surely even if there is a method which can help the space they would have used them.. No such method ..thats y Tatasky migrated to MPEG4..the only alternative .. now they might got GSAT 10 so shifting the channels ..
even i didnt get a solid proof for 24 Transponders from Asiasat..
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Sir, when they started migration then they had no option. Asiasat or GSat came later in the picture when they drew a plan. In the short period, only Mpeg4 migration was a way out else they would have been stuck unable to add chs.

Regarding 24 tp's, it is much needed. 12 tp's will be full in a jiffy as they r adding so many chs specially HD and wait n watch they will add more than 100 chs in next few months including HD and 4K

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