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Breaking FIRST : &Pictures HD new images
[Image: d75dRc8.jpg]
[Image: eg75sJJ.jpg]
[Image: ciHomVy.jpg]
[Image: sL0TRyL.jpg]
[Image: WiHzxj9.jpg]
[Image: xUCCEcQ.jpg]
[Image: FfnI4DP.jpg]
i will give good images tonight,but channel quality is superv.may be content is same.
content is same means?
(Friday 31-October-2014, 10:24)MJ786 Wrote: content is same means?

Same movies are been taken from Zee Cinema HD
Nice shots @people broo
Yes.. when it is from same group it will have same content, but there will be some English movies dubbed in Hindi also.
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