Pictures from D2H UHD Channel

Breaking NOW : Pictures from D2H UHD Channel
D2H Applied VideoGuard/NDS encryption to the channel but available FTA.
[Image: cxZtmSS.jpg]
[Image: 2xlGOqO.jpg]
[Image: iqa0Qln.jpg]
Nice pictures
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Finally Owl pic came in forum
If we open that channel then can't resist from taking Pictures. Big Grin. the PQ is very good .
But yet to see how D2H Compress and deliver in STBs.
They have to show some proper channel don't know how long they will bore with demo video like they do in Show rooms.
Perhaps they didn't get any UHD Contents from Broadcaster as they mentioned in their Website. Tongue
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I think that might be reason still they didnt add Star Sports HD 3.. maybe they will add Star Sports UHD and this HD 3 at a time.

Or if no UHD then its dashing of lot of hopes of people who are buying it for this mega cricketing event.

I dont see Star sports UHD testing anywhere also yet. Maybe during Warmup matches we need to see.
Big Grin Big Grin
How can they show warmup matches in UHD even that's in testing mode ? probably they can show promo like D2H but that too in UHD STB . they might get them after the mandatory HD Access fee .
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