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I was watching in FulL HD and and after seeing the UHD Pictures from UHD Box i vote for HD Big Grin Just compare the pictures FROM UHD Boxes and Pictures of MJ,Amatan and mine . I feel ours pictures quality is far better. i maybe wrong but it looks like that. i was looking the pictures in other forums too but the PQ of UHD box gets less marks from others there too..
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He will be watching lot higher quality than me. If I use 1920x1080 TV then I get only that many pixels where as UHD will be giving 3840x2160. So where those extra pixels went? That is the reason picture looks more attractive on UHD.

On HD TV UHD may not look so great and we need UHD TV to see it fully.
Is that means UHD Chanels are not good as HD Channels in HD TV ?
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I dont have personal experience but that is what I think. When you downscale the picture you are not going to get the full resolution so some details has to go missing. Just see our images posted here which are being reduced. We click to see a bigger better picture. When we zoom to 100% only part of the picture is visible on smaller screens. Imagine if you happen to see the full picture without down sizing it. Won't it look lot better than what we see as thumb nails?

The pictures we have posted is what UHD is giving. But unless we have bigger screens we ourselves are not going to enjoy what people having UHD TV going to enjoy.
So if we have UHD Channel then we should watch in UHD TV itself to get the maximum . Otherwise we should not buy a UHD STB to watch in HD TV . am i right ?
Yes. We can watch HD video on small mobile screens as well. But we wont enjoy what it is meant for. Bigger screen and also should support UHD for optimum enjoy meant.
Its just like how we watch HD in hd ready tv or so, but to get full good experience we may need to watch it in Full HD tv,. same case with UHD.
UHD on bigger size screen and on UHD tv will look good Smile
Perhaps the pictures of UHD gets distorted in HD TV because of downscaling the resolutions. it's not like upscaling a SD Channel in HD STB .
I am not that much expert but I can say there is huge differene bjtween UHD telecast and HD telecast In terms of Picture quality. The edges of images are Crystal clear in UHD telecast where as in HD telecast edges of images not much sharpen.
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And especially in long shots, we can observe movemnents clearly in UHD telecast.

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