Please Help me to buy 8X1 Diseqc switch

First On WEB : Please Help me to buy 8X1 Diseqc switch
Presently i am using 4x1 diseqc switch for my Dish setup. now i am thinking of buying a 8 way Diseqc switch. so then it will be easy to me to use.
Please give some inputs and link to buy Online . the site should be trustable and quick delivary .
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i dont know about indian sellers , lets see if someone can help you on these . . just found indiamart also selling solid 8 port diseqc

also someone else used to sell online in india.. forgot h is website name. maybe someone else remembers it
check this out dear
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500rs Smile looks little cheap
Thank You MJ and Anil.
Yes solid is cheaper as per the sites. is the Solid brand good and can i buy from them ? what about its performance? any one knows about this ?
how is solid brand standards? I am not sure how long these will in my hands Big Grin
currently i am using other one not solid
from solid site i ordered some spliters

yes dispatched the product on the same day good service also free delivery
Solid is a popular brand in India now because of their low priced FTA Recievers and few other Satellite tools. FTA STB is good .
is it better to buy from Amazon as the same brand for same price or directly from Solid. but dont know there is shipping charges from Solid ,free shipping from amazon.
hope solid stays solid Big Grin
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