Please tell your signal strength and quality

Please tell your signal strength and quality
Now i totally got y u r getting issues in some Tatasky Transponders... a suggestion from me if u want to take then take it its upto u to decide ...
Align ur Tatasky Dish keeping the lowest signals transponder 11907 H, 11050 H ...
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(Friday 22-January-2016, 16:09)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote:
(Friday 22-January-2016, 15:27)Prateek Marwadi Wrote:
(Friday 22-January-2016, 15:18)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Friday 22-January-2016, 15:14)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote:
(Friday 22-January-2016, 15:08)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Sir, i always adjust according to home tp. It works both ways, even if one geta max signals possible in home tp after adjustments then in the wekest tp too one would get max signals. So no issue in this. I get all my dishes and lnb skew adjusted perfectly.

:lol: Please dont start again on this matter.... i never agree ur points at any time... : Tongue  I have started my Sat journey since 1981 by aligning VHF antenna       and even modifying them to get good signals on my own...    personally was climbing long/big trees to align those Aluminium Antenna... 
so be happy bro....

I don't have to agree with u always and always only ur info can't be true. I respect the experience u have but then i expect u to respect others knowledge too. If on home tp one gets max signals then on other tp's too signals will be max. We have to get the dish perfectly aligned and lnb skew at proper angle to get best signal strength and quality.

No mpre discussions on this plz

yes i too agree with u on the last point only which i highlighted.
if one is getting optimum signals on one tp then obviously and automatically all other tps will give good signals only na.

technically it have to be.

we can't have good signals on one tp and bad signals on the others if dish and lnb are on its perfect locations and alignments made are good enough.  Smile

These comments and judgments shows how u guys r inexperiance in Sat related matters...
I have already had a discussion on this matter with aumnamonarayana and even Anilsk who is a Sat tracker too prooved my points ...
Samjhaathe samjhaathe thak gaya hoon.... so leave it...  As i said many times that we cant change any ones mindset unless he himself wants to get the correct one..

yes. true. i never did anythink like that sat crack or sat hunting. i m below zero in that.  :verysad:

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