Procedure for Tata Sky Subscriber who wants to cancel his Subscription

CHANNEL LIST Procedure for Tata Sky Subscriber who wants to cancel his Subscription
The process is defined for scenario where a Tata Sky Subscriber wants to cancel his Subscription. This process is only for Subscriber who has TSK box & not Sale box.

Quote:Helpline Agent -

• When Subscriber calls the helpline for Cancelling Tata Sky Connection, TSA should try to retain the Subscriber

• If Subscriber insists on cancellation, he will follow the existing cancellation process of raising an SR

Cancellation Desk Executive-

• Cancellation Desk Executive will take ownership of the SR & contact the Subscriber

• If Customer agrees to retain, Executive will close the SR with relevant details captured

• If Subscriber insists for cancellation, Executive will check if the Subscriber has TSK box

• Performs the below process-
Quote:• Assets will be Inactive

• Account will be cancelled only in cases where all the boxes needs to be retrieved

• De-Installation WO will be created for each TSK asset for retrieval

• TSK will be moved to Cancelled Status (Once the Permanent Cancelled Status is available in Siebel all these TSK will have to be moved to Permanent Cancelled status as a onetime activity)

• TSK will be moved to Permanent Cancelled status once the same is available in Siebel

• Assets that needs to be retrieved will be captured in the WO
ISP CCO Process-

• ISP CCO does the WO Scheduling

• Upon completion of WO
Quote:• ISP will move the WO to Completed status after updating all the mandatory info in the WO

• He will update the returned material in the Returnable Material List

• He will move the WO to Verified Status
• ISP dispatches all the retrieved material to TSL Warehouse

Installer process-

• Installer will visit the Subscriber Premise

• He will de-install the TSK Box, Adaptor & Remote

• He will hand over the material to ISP

• He will ensure the right asset # is captured in the WO

Credit Adjustment team process-

• Based on the De-Install closed Wos file update-
Quote:• the boxes will be delinked from the account

• De-Paired

• status of the asset changed to Available
• Cheque refund NRC to be passed in Kenan and handover to Revenue Accounting team basis Closure of De-installation WO and Receipt of STB/Materials returned back to warehouse
Standard Phrase - NA

Offers Available- NA

Quote:Q: What if the subscriber has a Sale Box & a TSK box?

A: Only the TSK box needs to be retrieved since the same is Tata Sky property

Q: Will the subscriber get the balance amount that is existing in his Account?

A: Yes, he will. A refund cheque will sent to him once the TSK box has been received by warehouse

Q: What if the subscriber wants to cancel only one of the TSK box?

A: The account will remain in Active/ Deactive status, only the TSK box that needs to be cancelled will be made Inactive & De-Installation WO raised to retrieve it

Q: Do we need to raise one De-Installation WO for each box?

A: Yes, one WO per TSK box & the box serial # needs to be captured under the Existing asset # field in the WO in Siebel

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