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CHANNEL LIST Procedure for Tata Sky Subscriber who wants to cancel his Subscription
The process is defined for scenario where a Tata Sky Subscriber wants to cancel his Subscription. This process is only for Subscriber who has TSK box & not Sale box.

Quote:Helpline Agent -

• When Subscriber calls the helpline for Cancelling Tata Sky Connection, TSA should try to retain the Subscriber

• If Subscriber insists on cancellation, he will follow the existing cancellation process of raising an SR

Cancellation Desk Executive-

• Cancellation Desk Executive will take ownership of the SR & contact the Subscriber

• If Customer agrees to retain, Executive will close the SR with relevant details captured

• If Subscriber insists for cancellation, Executive will check if the Subscriber has TSK box

• Performs the below process-
Quote:• Assets will be Inactive

• Account will be cancelled only in cases where all the boxes needs to be retrieved

• De-Installation WO will be created for each TSK asset for retrieval

• TSK will be moved to Cancelled Status (Once the Permanent Cancelled Status is available in Siebel all these TSK will have to be moved to Permanent Cancelled status as a onetime activity)

• TSK will be moved to Permanent Cancelled status once the same is available in Siebel

• Assets that needs to be retrieved will be captured in the WO
ISP CCO Process-

• ISP CCO does the WO Scheduling

• Upon completion of WO
Quote:• ISP will move the WO to Completed status after updating all the mandatory info in the WO

• He will update the returned material in the Returnable Material List

• He will move the WO to Verified Status
• ISP dispatches all the retrieved material to TSL Warehouse

Installer process-

• Installer will visit the Subscriber Premise

• He will de-install the TSK Box, Adaptor & Remote

• He will hand over the material to ISP

• He will ensure the right asset # is captured in the WO

Credit Adjustment team process-

• Based on the De-Install closed Wos file update-
Quote:• the boxes will be delinked from the account

• De-Paired

• status of the asset changed to Available
• Cheque refund NRC to be passed in Kenan and handover to Revenue Accounting team basis Closure of De-installation WO and Receipt of STB/Materials returned back to warehouse
Standard Phrase - NA

Offers Available- NA

Quote:Q: What if the subscriber has a Sale Box & a TSK box?

A: Only the TSK box needs to be retrieved since the same is Tata Sky property

Q: Will the subscriber get the balance amount that is existing in his Account?

A: Yes, he will. A refund cheque will sent to him once the TSK box has been received by warehouse

Q: What if the subscriber wants to cancel only one of the TSK box?

A: The account will remain in Active/ Deactive status, only the TSK box that needs to be cancelled will be made Inactive & De-Installation WO raised to retrieve it

Q: Do we need to raise one De-Installation WO for each box?

A: Yes, one WO per TSK box & the box serial # needs to be captured under the Existing asset # field in the WO in Siebel

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