Push HD2 added in Tatasky Transponder....

DTHHELP Xclusive Push HD2 added in Tatasky Transponder....
(Thursday 03-March-2016, 17:27)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: EPG added ....

Which channel sir??
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kya bhai... the EPG too shows the channel and Thread too belongs to Push HD2 ...
(Thursday 03-March-2016, 10:32)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Thursday 03-March-2016, 10:01)Amatan Wrote:
(Wednesday 02-March-2016, 20:59)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Wednesday 02-March-2016, 20:54)SPANDAN Wrote: Why not this week??

I have already told u the reason bro. Have a little patience, u will get all the chs. Tata Sky's focus is to give max channels from all genres and keep package prices affordable by earning more from carriage fee

If they want to keep package prices affordable with carriage fees then Dish TV or D2H should be dirt cheap by now. But they aren't. When having so many channels itself rates are high and how to expect a 3rd rated dth like Tatasky to give packs cheap? Every thing like how they got satellites to their top ratan all corrupt.

Taxes, payment to broadcasters, salaries, tp lease costs , running of such big infrastructure etc. etc. All things have to be paid for so nothing can be dirt cheap, by affordable i mean not going over the roof. Anyways Tata Sky is much more cost effective now, airtel is super costly while Videocon is somewhere in middle but they save lot of money as they give substandard hardware but charge more

That is what I am telling Tata Sky might be giving for lesser price to get into market as they were greedy earlier and lost a lot. If one can make package price lesser with more channels then other DTHs will be cheaper to Tata Sky. But at present they aren't which means TS has reduced price to get some market share and once they get they will again show their colour.

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