SATHIYAM TV Started fom ABS2

DTHHELP Xclusive SATHIYAM TV Started fom ABS2
Any one have information about the New DTH Licence ??
lol,mjbro for the pic..
@bhavan bro, i think it might be lineup for some south asian dth services as you know the popularity of tamil channels.
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(Thursday 05-February-2015, 22:28)MJ786 Wrote: you mean Kalaignar group may launch DTH?

Yes, i think so because all Kalanger TV channels are available here now..
Other interesting point is - here in Colombo, some one testing around 30 TV channels on DVB-T. Around 22 channels are Tamil.

Still, we don't know who is testing on Digital transmission and why.

Some one telling, it is from Dialog and others telling, it is from TV Lanka.

TV lanka having a DTH licence in Sri Lanka.
@Mr.Bhavan ,
Are they testing DD Channels or any service having any DD Channels in SL ??
(Thursday 05-February-2015, 19:32)dayag Wrote: According to the Pictures lineup Wink
  • Getting ready
  • Silently Turning the Dish
  • I got it Rolleyes
  • Feeling Happy.


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