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SOLID HDS2 2100 MPEG4 DVB-S2 FullHD 1080p Satellite Receiver with USB PVR stb details
### Review Thread created on public demand###

Here we review the SOLID HDS2 2100 MPEG4 DVB-S2 Full HD 1080p Satellite Receiver with USB PVR set-top box. I got this sample stb from a stockist in my city.
Price is Rs2200 plus handling charges.

The packaging seems good and information/highlights are clearly written on the box like MPEG4 Full HD 1080p, 8PSK, H.264, HDMI etc. So lesser chances of getting cheated if the box tells all the points with confusing technical jargons.

[Image: y06VZ.jpg]

[Image: eXunm.jpg]

[Image: 0hhIu.jpg]

The box is built of metal with sufficient ventilations on the sides. During an hours operation, the box was not warm at all. Robust body with the "Solid" logo on the top, holes for airflow at the bottom are good.

[Image: jl6nS.jpg]

[Image: XFqTe.jpg]

The earlier HDS2 2100 had a 12Volt external adapter, this one has a 230 volt power cord. Power consumption is 15 Watts lesser than what other FTA boxes consume.

[Image: vbGY9.jpg]

[Image: Am2ss.jpg]

Good connectivity options LNB In, Loop Out to connect to another stb, Composite, Component Video, HDMI Out, Co-axial Digital Audio Out at the back panel.

[Image: 2OAIR.jpg]

[Image: h8aes.jpg]

The front panel has the Power and Signal Lock LED indicators and a numeric channel display that serves as a digital clock in standby.
USB slot is enclosed inside a plastic lid also having a card slot like thing that is not functional.

[Image: ch3Pl.jpg]

[Image: ywODY.jpg]

[Image: uUaJz.jpg]

[Image: KDkar.jpg]
Channel number display:
[Image: wHbrU.jpg]

Digital Clock:
[Image: ZTIRI.jpg]

The remote is designed wisely with buttons operable by single hand as the remote is thin enough to fit in one hand.

[Image: u5qUJ.jpg]

[Image: 6HpEt.jpg]

[Image: qGi2s.jpg]

[Image: xHl5b.jpg]
Other accessories: AV Cable and remote batteries
[Image: nPH5N.jpg]
Now we come to the software part. The older version software had some issues with playing sound in Dolby Digital. So the newer HDS2 2100 boxes come with the software created for HDS2 3000 boxes. Hence the bootup screen shows 3000 Big Grin

[Image: 4aaza.jpg]

The first thing a buyer has to check before getting any HD box is to actually try receiving HD channels like Angel TV HD or M Tunes HD. Duplicate boxes will fail the test. So either check it at the dealers shop if he has a dish aimed towards HD beams. If you are checking at your home better confirm if the dealer is ready to take it back if it does not work.

[Image: Mavcv.jpg]

[Image: 2pgKB.jpg]

Lets see the User Interface of Solid HDS2 2100 stb:

[Image: SET5k.jpg]

[Image: TFaHR.jpg]

[Image: mEtu0.jpg]

[Image: 52Qag.jpg]

[Image: XbMLh.jpg]

[Image: JMM27.jpg]

[Image: 7NJII.jpg]

[Image: vSDzn.jpg]

[Image: STcOD.jpg]

[Image: KKvqK.jpg]

[Image: KSLT7.jpg]

[Image: pXzR9.jpg]

[Image: vkE6C.jpg]

The Blind Scan is very fast in this box:

[Image: GDAhO.jpg]

[Image: 29xNL.jpg]

[Image: A2uMM.jpg]
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) lists out timings of various programmes:
[Image: 2ZLwy.jpg]

[Image: iXecq.jpg]

Signal Strength Info screen:
[Image: ZNRBK.jpg]

Zoom upto 16X
[Image: 3y0iO.jpg]
Sleep Timer
[Image: b9TDb.jpg]

Channel / Radio List
[Image: dCuM6.jpg]
Find facility:
[Image: UKpFI.jpg]

[Image: 3ZYYq.jpg]

Audio track option:
[Image: F5i1Y.jpg]
To Be continued...

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