STAR SPORTS HD 3 added by Dish TruHD-LCN 85

STAR SPORTS HD 3 added by Dish TruHD-LCN 85
Dish TruHD added STAR SPORTS HD 3-LCN 85.

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Good update.
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The PQ of SS HD3 is awesome. better than SS HD1 SS HD2 SSHD 4. But the audio is very heigh and not good.
Audio Quality Is Bad Cos They Have Taken Pic and Added Audio From India Studio... Whereas English Is As Got From Australia..
Right . they have to fix the audio as soon as possible.
can any body tell what is the frequency of HD 3 and HD 4 on dish tv . thanks
its posted here post now 160 by dayag
It is from Asiasat 5 at 100 East

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1) STAR SPORTS HD 4 (DISHTV) 12582, V, 40700 8PSK 66% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E
2) STAR SPORTS HD 3 (DISHTV) 12702, V, 40700 8PSK 60% Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E

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