STAR Sports HD 4 is testing by Tatasky

DTHHELP Xclusive STAR Sports HD 4 is testing by Tatasky
Exactly. That's why Star launched 2 more HD Channels specially on the time of World cup.
One more thing i have noticed is there is no information of the price of SS HD3 ,SS HD4 in the channel property.
Are they giving both channels in all Base packs itself ? may be not. Thy might update during the addition.
yes and they should know there will be no takers for these after world cup
Just found the price in Their site
[Image: XLJ2eLA.jpg]
What about UHD pricing when this itself 40rs Sad
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Most likely in Specials and priced at rs 500/- for the WCC matches only. Big Grin
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Big Grin
Tatasky says Cricket matches will be free to 4K stb owners. Even after dedicated 4K channel started years back we are still to see 4K much Sad 8K also came don't know when it will be introduced. I want to watch mega serials in 4K or 8K.

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