Sadhna News and APN Channel added on Tatasky and testing

DTHHELP Xclusive Sadhna News and APN Channel added on Tatasky and testing
But those thomson stb's had excellent product quality, not like Chinese maal these days
(Wednesday 07-October-2015, 12:45)babusai2012 Wrote: I am thinking if buying he set top box during diwali as I will be buying first led tv after using rd box since Dec 2006

Do you have C band dish?
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No it's typing error I means sd box . I will be buying led tv along with hd box during diwali
(Wednesday 07-October-2015, 12:31)babusai2012 Wrote: Apn is what type of channel

(Wednesday 07-October-2015, 12:39)SPANDAN Wrote: APN is a Uttar Pradesh/Bihar focused News Channel.

(Wednesday 07-October-2015, 12:23)MJ786 Wrote: Sadhna News and APN channels are now added and testing on tatasky on frequency 11130 H 32000

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Sadhna News  () 11130, H, 32000  100% -
APN  () 11130, H, 32000  100% -

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