Screenshots of M Tunes HD

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Breaking NOW : Screenshots of M Tunes HD
M Tunes HD channel screenshots.this channel available on Dishtv HD and also FTA on Cband Thaicom.

[Image: e1alqw.jpg]

[Image: 27yd0kx.jpg]
clarity is good. how is the audio?
From which satellite it is coming?
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
What is its frequency and how is the signal strength?
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
Here is frequency details of MTunes HD on Thaicom 5 at 78.5°E

TP Frequency: 3551
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 13333
how to receive this channel? can i get on tatasky dish?
Latest Pic Of MTunes HD With As Always Great Quality

Thaicom 5 C-Band

[Image: 2qxxctc.jpg]

Crystal clear ...
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