Showcase Ch.375 Added

Breaking FIRST : Showcase Ch.375 Added
As they were testing showcase promo channel 375 again,they have added it now.It is not showing any movies in epg.May be they are updating it now.

See a snapshot from my TV-

[Image: 3giYG.jpg]
Thanks Bapun. I will update the channel list.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
This channel now updated with Epg...Showing- Mars Needs Moms

Check a snap-

[Image: FQVz6.jpg]
Good snapshot Bapun. They are telling no space for channels but they are able to add these kinds of craps all the time.
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thank u bapun. ts added one more service. it is really good to see they are concerned about the subscribers and added accordingly.
which subscribers are happy seeing Showcase channels? every users has one showcase in their home already Smile
with the showcase channel u will get infromations regarding many things which will not be easy to find without the channel. showcase in the house it to show ours and same in regard to ts.
ask them to add more help channels also.. right from installation of dish etc also.. so that the users can install it themselves.
but without installing they cant see that channel itself so they will not add.
Well guys They have space crunch but they want money so they have added one more showcase.It is their sponser secrive and by showcase they get some money that's why its added again.

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