Sky 3D (Screenshots)

Breaking NOW : Sky 3D (Screenshots)
Screenshots of Sky-3D channel from Hotbird-13E.....
Stunning quality on my 14" lcd laptop... Smile Wish i have a 3D TV...

[Image: 2OUJO.jpg]

[Image: PP7t4.jpg]

[Image: pDIab.jpg]

[Image: oAps3.jpg]

[Image: PpMvc.jpg]

[Image: 7Eza0.jpg]
Great pics Smile must be looking great watching it
Nice clarity Smile
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
Cool pics, you must be enjoying alot.
nice pics Mr.AB. Smile I think you are enjoying lot of True HD channels.
Very good clarity and very well timed SS. Thank you.
really rocking pictures,wish we see them on indian dth paltforms Sad

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