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Snaps: My New PTCL Evo 3G Wingle 9.3Mbps
Hi FriendsSmile

Yesterday i purchased my new PTCL Evo Wingle Usb 9.3Mbps,

Having Great Experience and Speed Also.

It has built in Wifi, Just plug in any USB port, its starts working and at a time 5 gadgets can be connected to it.

Get whole new Experience While Traveling and Get Connected at fastest speed.

[Image: MjXWoS4.jpg]
[Image: zTwOkho.jpg]
[Image: W73zjwd.jpg]
[Image: qycxbjy.jpg]
[Image: 9UQr59a.jpg]
[Image: uWCxaY3.jpg]
[Image: t1jgINu.jpg]

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