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Breaking NOW : Snaps from STB & User interface of "SDS" of Star network
SDS means Star Digital Service . This is a DTH like service offered from Star Network early in year 2000 . It was from Asiasat 3S C Band. About 10 -15 channels of Star network available at that time . they were included channels like Star Plus, Star Sports . NGC,.Discovery , Channel V [india], Channel V [US] .Forgot all channels names. It was priced round about Rs 29,000/- for STB and installation at that time ,1 year subscription for 75% discount in the 1st year of purchase . the package price was about Rs 12,000/ - the quality of channels were awesome. no blank screen during rain/clouds bcoz it was in C Band. If any one used this service please update the actual price they paid as i am not able to remember the exact price.
I was the 2nd person to buy in my District .Tongue
After 1 year i didnt recharge again .Big Grin Some snaps of STB ,and UI

[Image: 8q5MLCH.jpg]
[Image: AYcr9nP.jpg]
[Image: t0yihjH.jpg]
[Image: vLk9bwx.jpg]
[Image: SvbeHjc.jpg]
[Image: VQtCEP8.jpg]
[Image: 2zMplEf.jpg]
[Image: IvqvvE3.jpg]
[Image: NOU9oh5.jpg]
[Image: faAqtDU.jpg]
yes I remember of seeing it Bhatji. It also had History channel that time
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The same Encoder was used for almost all Star paid channels
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i have also seen such UI on my local cable operator setup while changing channels and setup
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yes same menu i saw on cable tv most of the time it used to come ,good share & collection

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