Software Upgrade continues reboot

Breaking FIRST : Software Upgrade continues reboot
(Tuesday 18-August-2015, 15:28)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote:
(Tuesday 18-August-2015, 13:04)nizamm Wrote:
(Tuesday 18-August-2015, 12:58)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: Check for signals in 12688 V 27500 TP.. if u have edited the Home TP to 12170 H then it wont work.. the SW OTA is in 12688 V only..
If nothing works then Dealer/technician may use USB SW Upgrade..  Just call them..

Can any one provide link to download the software and steps to update through usb

AFAIK no links in sites .. Technicians may have them .. also u can try STB to STB SW upgrade if possible..

Yes brother stb to stb link avaliable dish tv box.stb cover open and check mother boad .4 pin socket atteched mother board only 4 pin blank socket .this 4 pin socket using pc to stb.stb to stb software upgradition use.picture send your pm coming soon

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