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(Sunday 08-March-2015, 21:20)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Most probably lightning has struck their dishes which were used to downlink different channels from various satellites, so all their channels must have crashed barring a few which were not harmed or may be there is a short circuit fire in their control room whic has damaged their equipments used to relay channels

That means Uplinking problem ?? if so when it will be solved ??
Dayag bro, their team must be working on it but it will take a lot of time as its a major issues. Its not a minor issue of settings being screwed in system. If its a dish issue ten they would have to get new dishes re-install all dishes back to their original position. Right now they r transmitting few channels from DD Free Dish too, others like Movies Now HD are also airing as their equipments/dishes must not have been harmed
Now 77 channels has been restored.
few MPEG2 Channels restored to MPEG4.
The issue was there since morning so i guess they must have been working since then, i guess it will fully resolved after midnight
Now 12 more channels restored and back in TPs.
31 Channels has been updated to as earlier . .

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