Some Major updates are going on in ADTV.-Restored

DTHHELP Xclusive Some Major updates are going on in ADTV.-Restored
ADTV didnt added or removed those TPs in their STB. any DTH operator can add / remove any TP or channels in STB even those TPs are active and signals. it's totally in the hands of DTH operator . they can add test channels or in any EPG names with logo even though they are not in TPs. Most of the DTH operators are adding logo in the STB only barring Tatasky and some extent ADTV as i know. if they add the logo while uploading their channels then they has to appear in TPs too . we will see logo if they add while uploading . if not added while uploading channels then no logo.
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Only Videocon does not apply its logo on channels from uplink end, their STB's put the logo as its inbuilt in software. Tata, Dish, Airtel, Reliance, Sun all put it from uplink end
No, you are wrong here, Dish tv, Reliance also do not apply Logos along with videocon d2h
Sun Direct, Tatasky, Airtel puts them while uplinking to dth satellite itself
Yes Reliance, Dish TV Sun direct to some extent doesn't apply Logo while uploading
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i found only Info channel is having Sun Direct logo and didnt find it's logo in channels which were FTA from their TPs like Discovery HD and few others as i seen, Dish TV is not atall applying Logo. all FTA channels doesn't have logo.
Both Relaince and Sun Direct are sharing few TPs. this may be the main reason for not applying their LOGO while uploading.
Sun Direct apply logos to HD channels other than Sun Channels.
Star sports HD 1, HD 2, Star movies HD, Zee studio HD, star plus HD , sony six HD , NGC HD, Discovery HD all these have sun HD logo

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I was talking about channels which were not added in STB and only in TP
[Image: Thumbnail_of_Discovery_HD_14-Jul-2014_04_13_20.jpg] This was added in TP .
if they added while uploading then the logo should be there. i think no logo in this channel.
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The pictures i have posted are not from STB, but it was from TP only and taken when they were FTA.

Your image of discovery channel is taken when it was running fta as Nameless.. so they didnt put logo on it. Same was with Star Plus HD and later when they added in STB they have put Sun HD logo

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