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DTHHELP Xclusive Some Major updates are going on in ADTV.-Restored
Thanks MJ , I am trying to give updates as much as i can . so then all viewers get them easyly. Right if they too read our forum surely they got easy to restore. Tongue
channel problem is now resolved by adtv, but now why they are cut our balance of three day in customers account?
Today morning i checked my adtv balance it is cut of three days balance in my account why. if you know about this?
That may be because of Technical Glitch from their side. better to talk with CC.
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i think adtv is increased the amount of their service. ok ones i ask to CC.
i have one doubt since yesterday, can anybody solve this, that is
Signal Strength & Quality is shows in STB it is Tp signal or broadcaster signal totally i confused? bcoz yesterday some channel removed from adtv then i checked signal it shows no signal why if the signal is came from tp it will shows always, after channel restored then i checked signal again its shows signal perfectly why. how is possible

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