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CHANNEL LIST Some iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Users Report Touch ID, Power, and Other Issues
Users are reporting various
issues with the iPhone 6s and the
iPhone 6s Plus , less than a week
after Apple started to ship the
new iPhone models. Some users
note that the Touch ID modules in
the new iPhone models are
heating up after holding down the
home button for a bit, while many
recall incidents when their new
iPhone models abruptly switched
A quick look at Apple's support
community page suggests that
many users are having issues with
their new iPhone models. Apart
from the Touch ID facing heating
issues, and abrupt shutdown of
the iPhone models, users are also
complaining about speakers, and
volume controls. Handsets that
shut down themselves could be
turned back on by holding down
the Sleep/ Wake buttons.
"[...] I woke up the home button
was burning hot and the screen is
just black. I went to bed with it
working just fine last night,
plugged it in to charge, and now it
won't work. Nothing else is hot,
not even the charging port, just
the home button is on fire,"
wrote a user on the support page.
Several users chimed in to note
similar issues.
"I have just received my iPhone
6s (iOS 9.0.1) and I'm really
enjoying the new features,
however I've noticed that when I
have my Ringer Volume turned up
full there is a slight crackling/
distortion when playing sounds
from the bottom external
speaker," a user wrote. Again,
the person doesn't seem to be the
only one facing it as several users
confirm the glitch on their
respective iPhone models.
Notably, some issues seem to be
plaguing users due to software-
related bugs. The 3D Touch
display's signature feature seems
to not be working with some apps.
Some users are reporting that
their iPhone models aren't
showing notifications when the
earpiece is connected to the
If it's a software-related issue,
users shouldn't be much worried
because Apple already seems to be
aggressively rolling out minor
updates to fix several glitches.
Hardware issues, if widespread,
could indicate at a faulty
component or improper
manufacturing. Only time can
paint a better picture of what's
really happening.
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