Sony Pal images from Dish TV

Breaking NEWS: Sony Pal images from Dish TV
Sony Pal images from Dish TV. Sony Pal was just added on Dish TV on the frequency 12730 H 30000.

Unexpected addition from Dishtv
Yes surprise.
[Image: Presentation2.jpg]

[Image: Presentation3.jpg]

[Image: Presentation4.jpg]

[Image: Presentation5.jpg]
(Monday 01-September-2014, 09:20)Amatan Wrote: Yes surprise.

All dishtv experts surprise with this addition Tongue
Even now on Sony PAL it is showing that it is available on D2h, Ts, adtv and Rdtv only and no mention of Dishtv
they forgot to update
(Monday 01-September-2014, 11:38)technoglitch Wrote: they forgot to update

Hmm SONY forget our best friend dishtv Confused
[Image: YKF7LBe.jpg]

[Image: YOmoZLv.jpg]

[Image: LZ0Mxmm.jpg]

[Image: 4Kr40HK.jpg]

[Image: OfE5t10.jpg]

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