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Sony espn hd will be launch on 2nd February.
(Thursday 28-January-2016, 13:05)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Thursday 28-January-2016, 12:56)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote:
(Thursday 28-January-2016, 12:05)Prateek Marwadi Wrote:
(Thursday 28-January-2016, 12:03)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Thursday 28-January-2016, 11:58)Prateek Marwadi Wrote: where u told ? please give us the link.

everytime u want to take credit of each and every thing.  Angry

I will take credit for where i am true

that was just a speculation as usual  :lol:

and nilu bro gives us the confirmed news.  :love:
Agreed ... it was just a chat with someone from ADTV... also there was no timeline for additions ...          as i always telling that these coming soon  r infinite timeline and any one take credits .. i can also post some long list of HD,SD Channels additions in all DTH and 1 day most will come true.... i will not do it bcoz i am not intrested in getting traffic/page views bcoz of my baseless    thread... We/I need them from genuine infos ... not by tempting or fooling or misleading others... This is my stand but all fingers r not alike and not to be too.... :Smile
Enjoy.... :love:

Okay Sir. Then there is no need for a forum as u want information to be directly given from the company which is 100% accurate and confirmed, then do one thing, jusr wait for press releases from the companies. No need discuss, hurl allegations and demean the hard work of a person.

Some people have an habit to do nothing than just criticising to the last bit. I am also not interested in getting famous thru posting speculations or false news and which is why i never do that.

If news from a source is not worthy to be discussed then its useless to have a forum like this. Also i have contributed without selfish motives but now i understand that in this kalyuga , good has no place.

Will not contribute further in any forum. I hope u all r happy now

Where i said i want news directly from company itself or press releases only.... ?  where u said as its confirmed addition in that thread ? show me how many of urs speculation threads/ posts i have deleted .... where i said not to discuss of ur infos ? where i said u have not contributed here ?
yes its Kalyuga ... otherwise u woudnt made alligations against me ....  Contributing or not is urs own decision and wish.. i have no right to object or comment on that ...
Yes its true that Nilesh has given the confirmed news... am i wrong ?
enjoy :love:
[Image: nice-day-sign-smiley-emoticon.gif]
om ji...... this is kalyuga
thats y ........... we have to bear u  :lol:
Will not contribute further in any forum. I hope u all r happy now

i will be more than happy  :welcome:
Super'b News Nilu bro...:tup
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