Spammers are targeting DH

Spammers are targeting DH
Spammers are posting in russian language esp in dish tv section.
mods do take care of these spammers.
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Also ban those idiot forum team memebers aka.Mr.Channel, MH Bhatt, Raja & Jignesh. They are posting in English but it is also crap only only. Worse than Russian spammers.
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BAN Russian IP All Together.. DTHHelpline Has Done The Same Thing...
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Admin , you not banning the spammers?! because I see same spammer posting again and again.
ADMINS Are Rare Site At DTHHelp... As TEAM Is Not Formed They Are Requested To Visit The Site Daily Once... And Sunday Compulsion...

Overnight Spammer's Post Are There, So Morning One Round Will Do...

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