Star CJ Alive added

Star CJ Alive added
Now Videocon d2h added STAR CJ Alive on
LCN 133
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Star CJ Alive channel has been added on LCN: 133. The Channel is available in Super Gold onwards in ROI packs and New South Gold onwards in South packs.

[Image: v6u8nl.jpg]
Last month, I had placed an order for Samsung Galaxy
Ace DUOS mobile from StarCJ, They delivered my ordered within 5 days but the
mobile had some damages. Then I made a call to customer care of StarCJ at
022/011 3355 5533 but nobody was responding. After calling them 10 times one of
their customer service agents picked up my call, but when I discussed him about
my issue they told me that they would replace my handset within a week. But
still after a month of call, I didn’t get my phone replaced even after calling
them 14 times for that but no hearing at all. So I submitted my complaint at [url=] .
But even they also didn’t reply me still.
thanks for giving your experience,it is very sad to know that even a television channel teleshopping is not trustable.

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