Star Gold HD And Colors HD On RDTV

Star Gold HD And Colors HD On RDTV
Its Was Told 14th January....

So wait Till Tomorrow Ends...
Well nowhere I mention addition date, that date is for Sun And Reliance sharing which already started on testing soon both DTH customers will get benefits of it!
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Yes Mr. Dish... That Sharing Will Start And Then Only STAR Gold HD and COLORS HD Will Come....
(Tuesday 10-January-2012, 20:40)Dish Wrote: No later but sooner! Big Grin Today first step already taken and 14th Jan will be date than new history will be written!
Amit u telling only the testing started.
i thought the channel addition Idea Idea
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Is today SUN DIRECT start testing? Till now nothing will happened
false news by mr. dish
(Saturday 14-January-2012, 16:48)aumnamonarayana Wrote: false news by mr. dish

Impossible.wait for it.He did not tell they will add today.

Even your news are 99% false or future dated as amatan bro already said.
Look who is talking about false news.
(Saturday 14-January-2012, 17:00)arsh25 Wrote: Look who is talking about false news.
Big Grin Big Grin

ya see who is talking, the same person who broke the news of asli hd channels coming on adtv when noone knew about it
the same person who told all that on 25th dec espn hd and star cricket hd will b added on adtv

to all those who have just one job to post rubbish about me, i would say that u better stay quiet

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