Star Movies Select HD shifted to LCN 28..

Breaking FIRST : Star Movies Select HD shifted to LCN 28..
Now they have shifted the channel to LCN 28.

This picture was taken at the time of addition .. i am forced to post this for those OLD Eyes Of Young guys they posted after its shifted but not at the time of addition .. strange..
[Image: vblUrl3.jpg]

This picture is from Jitendra Kumar posted in D DF . this too during the addition time .. Hope he will not object this snap.

[Image: ekI07oS.jpg]

This one is the snap after they shifted..

[Image: bmR7YmY.jpg]
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even in my screenshots at that time its 32 only. Just now maybe they shifted again .
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Yes now its in correct LCN.. Do u have that Snap ? then please post here.. so then those Old eyes of young guys can see it correctly..
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Yes, will upload in afternoon.. BTW What is your home TP in dish tv box?
Mine is 12688 V only.. I am a Indian but not a great technician or Expert .. Big Grin I had just checked once with 12170 H as Home TP but didnt watched or kept for more than 15 minutes.. i am not intrested in Those channels.. bcoz i am watching mostly HD channels itself.. I know what we get if 12170 H as Home TP during new channel additions .. what i can say about Half Knowledged persons .. :lol: nothing..
BTW Have u kept as 12170 H in Home TP?
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Yeah it's added first on LCN 32 Later shifted at LCN 28
I didnt rescan box since morning when it was added, so to me its still on LCN 32 only

Thanx.. Yes many times HD Boxes r not getting updated without scan..
So we all have some SS confirmations for what we shared here and even in other forum by Jitendra kumar..
BTW One help i needed @MJ.. I never checked any channels for from which Transponder it belongs in HD Box.. i found few r getting the Transponder of certain channels very easyly Sad that too said as not copied ... I am always checking in FTA Reciever [PCI Card too a Reciever] ..
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Yes, its easy to find out which TP a certain channel is from in Dishtv box.
Many thanx.. i never tried bcoz of having FTA recievers..
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