Sun Direct HD on Xcruiser Xdsr 400 hd

Breaking NOW : Sun Direct HD on Xcruiser Xdsr 400 hd
Xcruiser XDSR 400 HD with Sun Direct HD
Reviewed by MJ786 on
Sun Direct HD on XDSR 400 HD
Working superb on Irdeto.
Rating: 5
Sun direct and its HD channels tested on Xcruiser (xdsr) 400 HD .. simply put a unpaired card and it works perfectly..

some of the screenshots taken from my xdsr

Sun Music HD
[Image: iy3i36.jpg]

Gemini Music
[Image: 203yc8.jpg]

Malayalam Cinema club
[Image: 1218xhy.jpg]
how is the picture quality and what other benefits if we watch it on this receiver
Im also using XDSR 400+ working good. Picture quality is best than airtel HD DVR. See the SS shot.

Because, XDSR resolution is 1080 P but ADTV HD 1080i only.

[Image: 312w6ye.jpg]
[Image: 2usic08.jpg]
[Image: 1znty82.jpg]
superb images sasitnj Smile you are watching it on how many inch lcd or led
awesome snaps thanks
Thanks for Great quality pics sasitnj Smile Can you post some other channels images from your receiver
superb images Sasitj as i can see kareena's thigh clearly.
More snaps exclusive DH members.

[Image: 2n15rt3.jpg]

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