Sun Direct increases rates of Basic pack and Add Ons

Sun Direct increases rates of Basic pack and Add Ons
Sun Direct has increased the basic pack rates and also rates of all ADD ON Alacarte channels... (Price effect from tomorrow)
now basic pack will cost 143rs

South Value pack 1 month 143
South Value pack 3 months 405
South Value pack 6 months 790
South Value pack 12 months 1555
All India Cinema plus 1 month 169
All India Cinema plus 3 months 480
All India Cinema plus 6 months 935
All India Cinema plus 12 months 1840

Addon channels lists updating soon
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At last they also increased the price of basic packs.
Received an SMS from Sun Direct about the new price.

"Dear Subscriber, from 2/12/2011, the Monthly Subscription for South Value Pack has been increased to Rs.143 and Cinema Plus Pack to Rs.169."
Rs.169 isnt it too much?
yes the price is very high... I think it is better we go for cable tv...
Cable is cheaper atleast in Chennai. No use in taking Sun direct.
Now all the existing customers will thrown away SD or moved to another.
sundirect increased 20rs without adding anything in that packages is rubbish
Sun direct is now greedy. Too much for too less. May be Tony is going to join Tatasky so taking rehearsel here.

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