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First On WEB : Sun Music HD why coming inside a Box?
[Image: 97v5h5.jpg]
[Image: vskily.jpg]

In both the above picture we can find the water mark coming on the black box. Why it is not coming full screen?

Posting Sun tv HD for comparision.
[Image: 169214h.jpg]
sun music hd has 2 types.
16:9 True HD with 5.1
4:3 upscaled with stereo audio.

if they dont have full hd songs they change to normal mode Shy
So they are using letterbox for the channel. But strange why they need to do that before adding the watermark. They could have letter boxed after adding the watermark.
When the VJ' are appearing it is coming in 16:9 and the moment the sd content(like siri siri) starts streaming it is coming in 4:3. Hope Sun direct will solve these problems. This should be transparent to the users.

Yes I think they have launched in a hurry.

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