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Yesterday i saw a Scroll in Ten HD Channel about it's changing the Frequency in IS2O C Band. i didn't get it again till now. i waited for long period but wasn't appeared again. Perhaps the frequency starts from 38**
Any one got it ? @MJ, Amatan Please check IS20.
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  • sriji
Got some information in the scroll. Ten HD and Ten Golf will be in new frequency.

Yes its going to shift to another frequency 3868 H 14380, DVB S2 mode.. But currently dont find signals on it. Its going to have 2 channels TEN HD NEW, TEN GOLF TEST
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  • Prabhu Dasu
Any information of revamping the Names like Ten HD 1?
Nothing like that, but for now the EPG Name on new frequency will be TEN HD NEW and not TEN SPORTS HD which is there on current Frequency 3781 H 6894

They are increasing the Symbol rate

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