TEST HD added on dishtv asiasat tp

TEST HD added on dishtv asiasat tp
(Friday 04-May-2012, 12:08)samanth Wrote:
(Friday 04-May-2012, 12:01)Pikun Wrote:
(Thursday 03-May-2012, 14:26)samanth Wrote: Channel Number is 40038
Friend;are U a SD customer ???
Because I'm a HD customer;and don't get any unsubscribed message on TEST HD on LCN:40038

Yes brother, I am SD subscriber with Monoblock LNB.
BTW, what sort of programmes are being received on the channel?

Now only blank screen showing...yesterday some chhik..chhikkk sound was coming from the TEST HD channel..
Just checked and found that the Channel has been removed for ne. Can any HD subscribers confirm whether the channel is available from any of the other three TPs
Now its removed as if testing is end now......
So hope new HD channels will be added shortly..............
* Lost *
1) TEST HD (DISHTV) 12522,V,40700 Astra Satellite Network 19,2°E

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