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TP Wise Channels available in Dish TV
Hello all

I am just inserting here couple of images taken from my STB regarding channels available TP wise. Here I would like to inform that I am SD user with Mono Block LNBF and will be receiving SD channeks from AS 5 too.., and I won't be receiving any HD channels

My intention behind posting these pictures:

1) To have an idea of TV channels being broadcast on each TP.

2) To expose the shortcomings of the so called DVR of Dish TV - Dish TV has boasted of the so called DVR at a vey nominal price. Fundamental lapse in it - We can record a channel, other than the channel we watch, if and only if, both the channels are broadcast on same TP. Suppose, a TP can carry 20-25 channels. Of the 330+ channels that Dish TV boasts of, recording is possible for only about 20-25 other channels broadcast on the same TP. In other words, we can not record the other 325 channels. Shall we still call it a DVR? Why Dish TV is passing on the Fraudulent advertisements, concealing these facts!!

[Image: 9h1i7r.jpg]

[Image: 2rynas4.jpg]

P.S.: 1)On TP s, 12582, 12642, 12702 - HD channels are telecast and as I am SD user, channel count is zero in my STB.

2) There are a few differences in number of services stated to be available in these images and number of services available from satellite scan from FTA STB.
Pl go thro' the following threads for further details

Mr. Mj / Mr. Amatan will expalin about it in detail

good work samanth ji
recording issue if i am not wrong is because of single lnb being used.i am not expert like others but this is what i learnt from dth
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(Tuesday 24-April-2012, 23:50)jatin Wrote: recording issue if i am not wrong is because of single lnb being used.i am not expert like others but this is what i learnt from dth

Single LNB is also one reason and the other reason is we will still have just one tuner compared to other DVRs which will have two tuners. So as Samanth said we cannot record some other frequency other than the one we watch. So this is a big limitation and cannot be compared with a DVR from Tatasky for example.

Also there is nothing new in Dishtv's DVR as even ordinary receivers sold in the market are now having recording option similar to Dish tv's.

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