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Tata Sky Added 12 SD channels
[Image: c0e9876099ac81d50380f20c89dfe239.jpg]
[Image: f8470cb92b740e442e6774743dad8301.jpg]
[Image: ff23d0a3ad5f8b676a92a63028e5593c.jpg]
[Image: c94ea62b02e7b9ce0e95ebaa8c15d148.jpg]
[Image: 756f3b82a9982d2af705acda014a6bcc.jpg]
[Image: df35df691ad31e3c7dff58741e927912.jpg]
[Image: a90da70bd4dfab4be51e35bf4d3faa28.jpg]
[Image: 48e84060ff7e86a8ac5eb3d6bb118704.jpg]
[Image: 0b6c937e92cdb479f78364886c74f243.jpg]
[Image: 80085daeda57f9d00bb1147d36e2ff36.jpg]
[Image: a8d4e64ac0e4e0377c05391dd47c180b.jpg]
[Image: fd0ca679a9c46852a7d3ccd0bb1dfe71.jpg]
you are getting all 12 channels Smile
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to MJ786 for this post:
I have ultra HD Annual Pack Brother
Hmmm good happy to know but without actve services a bad pack,I think

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