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Breaking FIRST : Tata Sky App for those who like everything mobile
For those who like to do everything from their mobile, right from watching their favourite shows like Game of thrones to recharging, here is Tata Sky's mobile app for you. Now with Tata Sky's mobile app you will be able to watch stunning sporting cricket events live with Live TV, get access to a huge library of videos with Tata Sky on Demand, turn your phone into a remote control and do much more. The best part is Live TV and on demand service can be used by base box subscribers too. Tata Sky's mobile application player has been made highly user friendly and a user can easily navigate through the app and get what he wants quickly. The app will be available in iOS phone https://goo.gl/FdN58F and iPads https://goo.gl/VZKZSG   for version 6 and above and for Android phones [url=https://goo.gl/UKgmcn]https://goo.gl/UKgmcn and tablets https://goo.gl/FP7tSW for version 4.1.2 and above. In addition, Tata Sky's mobile app will offer remote recording of shows on set top box directly from app and watch favourite recorded shows on the go with Transfer. These features will allow users to unwind and relax anytime, anywhere with their favourite shows, movies and videos available with them on the go.

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