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Tata Sky Deactivated 11510 V 32720 TP
MJ sir confirm of signals in deactivated tp.how come No channels found in deactivated to???
Mr Kore you know what's deactivated??? FTA box show deactivated tp signal???
(Friday 29-April-2016, 19:25)prateek Wrote:
(Friday 29-April-2016, 18:35)SPANDAN Wrote: Earlier is there any channel was there on this Tp??

He copied this news,if tp deativated how get signals????0℅ he don't know what is de activated!!!

If tp is active you can get signal 

Check this 


If tp is not active you can get 0% signal 

Next time don't ask this type of silly & stupid question...

If I can get scan update & and posted by someone that not means that I am copied....everyone posted  early but I am post when I got time
Now Again Activated

Prateek Check This

Scanning 11510 V 32720 8PSK 3/4 ... 95%
No channels found!
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Modi bro...I don't know u copy paste or not.....I m not comment...
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For Those who are saying I am copied...
first of all here is my usb card photo

[Image: 0c08864227d7bc79625ada41a2d87008.jpg]

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