Tata Sky added Polimer TV channel

Tata Sky added Polimer TV channel
Tata Sky added Polimer TV channel on its platform on TP - 11550, Horizontal, 30000.

[Image: UulZQ.jpg]

[Image: ORhEb.jpg]

[Image: fQK1p.jpg]
and even Thanthi TV is coming?? found some trigger info on update

* Updated *
3) Thanthi TV Trigger () 11130,H,30000 Channel Name("Ferrari Contest"=>"Thanthi TV Trigger")
4) Polimer TV (Polimer TV @ Rs 5 pm) 11550,H,30000 Channel Name("Test Service 2109"=>"Polimer TV")Provider(""=>"Polimer TV @ Rs 5 pm")
Polimer TV channel has been added on channel no.818.
Mj, NDTV Hindu is Renamed as Thanthi TV. Thanthi TV(NDTV Hindu) is now available in TATA Sky by pressing Red Button in NDTV channel. May be they make it main LCN in future.

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