Tata Sky removes NewsX from its platform

Breaking FIRST : Tata Sky removes NewsX from its platform
(Friday 24-February-2012, 22:45)aumnamonarayana Wrote: well hy do u alays bring mr. bhat in every post, i respect mj bhai and any other person who gives info just like i respect mr. bhat. we r all here to share info and help others, we should not fight
We are not bringing him. We are telling there you are telling as if he is the only person in the world to update and then coming here and asking MJ about it. After MJ tells you again goes there copies these informations.

If you had even little respect then you should have told that MJ also updates in that forum. Which you failed.
well i respect mj bhai fully and i am saying this with my full heart,its upto u if u believe it or not
Yes I can see your heart clearly which double speaks and cries for a person who went on leave due to your torchers. If you respect then before asking MJ again you first tell them there that you have MJ to update you here.

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