TataSky to add 20 new channels shortly

CHANNEL LIST TataSky to add 20 new channels shortly
(Friday 13-March-2015, 20:41)MJ786 Wrote: For LNBFs, the polarity is controlled automatically by a voltage transmitted form the receiver to the LNBF via the coax cable. The receiver will send the LNBF 18 volts for horizontal polarity, and 13 volts for vertical polarity. For standard LNBs, the polarity is controlled by a motorized motor.

how much it will benefit , if at all dont know

Correct . i am telling that Horizontal Polarity needs more power to read/get full signals and Vertical needs less power. I am thinking that the same apply in Transponders to transmit/deliver the signals for uplinking and downlinking too .
My calculations may be childish but a doubt came to me. so thought about the chances .
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(Friday 13-March-2015, 20:16)dayag Wrote:
(Friday 13-March-2015, 19:49)anilsk01 Wrote: they wanted to shift all the channel from hor to ver tp for this they did the testing of ver tp but as their did not success as people was facing no signal issue

so due to this they stopped their testing

@Anil,Amatan and MJ ,
I have a doubt just came to my mind after reading your post.
Horizontal polarity needs more voltage ie: 17/18 V
vertical needs 13/14 V.
Is this may be the reason taatsky change the polarity ? so then less power consumption.

It doesn't need more power whether it is H or V. Infact Tatasky will be uplinking in V for us to get in H. The voltage 13/18V are all just a standard system to make the LNB switch POL and it doesn't mean H or V needs more power.
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Thank You for the clarifications. :love:

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