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Yes both r same.. there is no "HD " name in the channel..
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Guys will tata sky add Toonami
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Y not ? They can add at any time if the contract done btween them...
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I feel that Tatasky has so far failed to prepare proper ground for adding demanded HD chnls. That's why the delay. There are audio, video(pq) problems in many chnls.
Can u name some channels which have issues .. ? i will check in my HD STB..
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Audio of &tv is down and almost all HD chnls have no crispness. I've not noted down them
Audio is low no doubt we've to increase TV volume bar to (of my 26" LG LCD) a considerable level. Earlier we used to keep it at 17/18 level now to get same amount of audio we've to pull it to 26/27.
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BTW i didnt pay HD Access fee.. so cant check them.. Smile
Have u checked ur STB for any changes in Volume level ? it may be changed to lower level ..
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I've checked STB and increased the volume to full then saved. A moment ago marked that there is great difference between audio of Colors HD nd SD chnls. At a level suppose 17 HD audio is quite good whereas at the same level that of SD is difficult to hear. I had to increase it to 23/24 to get equal audio.
CC now saying SMS HD will be added very soon but not giving confirmed date and time. Just saying its going to be added shortly thats all.
May be they too not informed about the addition...
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