Tatasky Relocation / Migration almost confirmed

Breaking NOW : Tatasky Relocation / Migration almost confirmed
If the TPs have signals then every one should get them in scaning..
Those are not from AS5 or Ses satellite, but lets wait few days as the satellite hasnt started any signal/frequencies yet.
I am getting something at 11400-11450.. which is not of Adtv . Until signal locks cannot get more details about it.
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Exactly. the same frequency have something ,atleast a Data TP of 16APSK or 32APSK should be locked to get perfect picture .
Seems @TataSky is installing new dishes for its new sat Asiasat 8 & has disturbed their C Band dishes thus there is freezing on all channels
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In Dish TV too SS HD 1 was getting freezed few times. so it's the problem from Broadcaster end .
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Dayag bro, its happening on all chs on Tata Sky
is it for you only or everyone is having the problem of freezing ??
For everyone, by the way it was happening for over one hour and just stopped 5 mins before. Didn't u see it urself? Anyways Twitter was filled with complaints https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=...y&src=savs
No i am watching Dish TruHD .
(Sunday 22-February-2015, 13:24)dayag Wrote: How can that be from both sats ? i didnt changed the Dish Direction . only scanned Horizontal and Vertical separately.

Posts got mixed. I was telling OK to Dino who told me to be postive Smile But in the mean time you have posted and it ended like I was rude Sad
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