Tatasky added 32 channels in Vertical TP.

DTHHELP Xclusive Tatasky added 32 channels in Vertical TP.
Tatasky added 32 channels in 1 Vertical TP
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Seems all testing is over and new channels coming really soon. Thanks kumar sir for regular updates
U R welcome bro...
This TP doesnt had signals from few days.. now all r having signals and added the existing channels in this V Transponder..
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Let's see what they do but i am sure some major work is on
May be they have started to shift channels to Vertical TP.. all channels r in existing Horizontal TP.
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May be, let's se what they do. Earlier they had shifted all chs to all V TP's and then removed all
No..they didnt added all channels but i think from 10970 H 32000 ...
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No, once they did. Dayag bro had updated it here too
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just now checked some updates buti didnt found updates as All HD Channels added in 10970 H TP.. from 10970 H TP....
Can u give me the link of that update..
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Yes only on 10970 the HD chs were not added 10970 V and 11010 V had same chs as 11010 H.

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