Tatasky adds 11470 Vertical frequency in NIT

Tatasky adds 11470 Vertical frequency in NIT
Tatasky added another Vertical Frequency now in NIT scan 11470 V 32720

IT has 3 test service channels.

TestService 1
Testservice 2
Testservice 3
But only 1 is added in scan as of now.

* New *
1) Testservice1 () 11470, V, 32720 58% -
good update MJ sir
So Chance For New Channels Smile
Yes...tanmay bro
May be Star Sports Select HD1&2, MaaHD
Waiting is over
Yipeee! Now flurry of additions would follow. Other Tp's will also be added in NIT as and when required. This is just the start. Awesome News by MJ Bro. Waiting for more exclusive updates.
Yes I am also waiting for big braking news
Is Mr.Leader a robot or programmed software .He is giving live on time updates .nice update mj bro

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