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Breaking FIRST : Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A
* Updated *

1) Showcase Promo (tatasky) 11630,H,30000 Channel Name("Showcase"=>"Showcase Promo")
* Updated *
1) Gift di Gaddi () 11130,H,30000 Channel Name("Saturday Offer"=>"Gift di Gaddi")
* Updated *
1) StarGOLD HD (HD Gold is HD channel) 10970,H,28500 Number of audio pids(1=>2)
* New *

* Lost *

* Updated *
1) StarGOLD HD (HD Gold is HD channel) 10970,H,28500 Number of audio pids(2=>1)
2) DD Chandana (DD Chandana) 11010,H,27500 Provider(""=>"DD Chandana")
3) Lok Sabha TV (Lok Sabha TV) 11090,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Lok Sabha TV")
4) DD Urdu (DD Urdu) 11090,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Urdu")
5) MTV (MTV Channel is a Music Channel) 11090,H,30000 Provider("MTV is a Music Channel"=>"MTV Channel is a Music Channel")
6) Fashion TV (Fashion TV) 11090,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Fashion TV")
7) TLC (TLC Channel is an English Enter) 11090,H,30000 Provider("TLC (Discovery T&L) Channel is"=>"TLC Channel is an English Enter")
8) INDIA TV (INDIA TV) 11090,H,30000 Provider(""=>"INDIA TV")
9) News 24 (News 24) 11090,H,30000 Provider(""=>"News 24")
10) DD News (Doordarshan New) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Doordarshan New")
11) Aaj Tak (Aaj Tak) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Aaj Tak")
12) NDTV India (NDTV India) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"NDTV India")
13) Z NEWS (Zee News) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Zee News")
14) STAR News (STAR News) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"STAR News")
15) DD NE (DD NE) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD NE")
16) IBN7 (IBN7 Channel) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"IBN7 Channel")
17) NEWS LIVE (NEWS LIVE) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"NEWS LIVE")
18) DD Sports (DD Sports) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Sports")
19) DD Podhigai (DD Podhigai) 11130,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Podhigai")
20) CNBC Awaaz (CNBC Awaaz) 11170,H,30000 Provider(""=>"CNBC Awaaz")
21) Z BUSINESS (Zee Business) 11170,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Zee Business")
22) NEPAL1 (NEPAL 1TV) 11470,H,30000 Provider(""=>"NEPAL 1TV")
23) Imagine (Imagine TV) 11510,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Imagine TV")
24) DD Bangla (DD Bangla) 11510,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Bangla")
25) STAR Utsav (STAR Utsav) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"STAR Utsav")
26) DD National (DD National) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD National")
27) Sahara One (Sahara One) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Sahara One")
28) StarPlus (Star Plus) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Star Plus")
29) STAR One (STAR One) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"STAR One")
30) Zee TV (Zee TV) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Zee TV")
31) DD Bharati (DD Bharati) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Bharati")
32) DY365 (DY365 Channel) 11550,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DY365 Channel")
33) Gyan Darshan (DD Gyan) 11590,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Gyan")
34) Colors (Colors Channel) 11590,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Colors Channel")
35) NE TV (NE TV) 11590,H,30000 Provider(""=>"NE TV")
36) Tarang Music (Tarang Music is a Music Channel) 11590,H,30000 Provider("tamu"=>"Tarang Music is a Music Channel")
37) E24 (E24 Channel) 11630,H,30000 Provider(""=>"E24 Channel")
38) Sony Mix (Sony Mix is a M) 11630,H,30000 Provider("somi"=>"Sony Mix is a M")
39) STARCJ ALIVE (STAR CJALIVE) 11630,H,30000 Provider(""=>"STAR CJALIVE")
40) DD Oriya (DD Oriya) 11630,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Oriya")
41) DD Sahyadri (DD Sahyadri) 11630,H,30000 Provider(""=>"DD Sahyadri")
42) UTV Bindass (UTV Bindass) 11670,H,30000 Provider(""=>"UTV Bindass")
43) Rajya Sabha (Rajya Sabha) 11670,H,30000 Provider(""=>"Rajya Sabha")
* Updated *
1) Hungama Games2 () 11050,H,30000 PCR(0=>511)
2) Actve Cooking () 11130,H,30000 Channel Name("Saturday Offer"=>"Actve Cooking")
3) Life OK (Life OK) 11550,H,30000 Channel Name("STAR One"=>"Life OK")Provider("STAR One"=>"Life OK")

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