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Breaking FIRST : Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A
I have already explained that many times sir, go thru my previous posts. I guess u did not pay attention to those posts
After reading ur posts only wrote that lines bro... Smile U can also calculate according to the current activities by Tatasky... asiast is far away now untill Vertical Migrations over.. they 1stly shifted now channels of 1 Transponders to V TP.
Any way u will not get satisfied with my comments Tongue
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Well sir just few days before i told all the possibilities, out of that only one thing will happen and do not worry u r much experienced and knowledgeable, i totally respect and appreciate ur comments
I am not telling ts will not migrate to Asiasat but presently they r very much bussy in shifting channels to Vertical TPs as their activity shows us..
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Sir, as i told out of the possibilities i wrote few days back , anything can happen. So we will be waiting for ur regular updates. People like me won't know anything unless we are educated about it by u Smile
* Updated *
1) Movies OK (Movies OK @ Rs 16 pm) 11010, H, 27500 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
2) Aastha () 11090, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
3) IBN7 (IBN7 Channel @ Rs 5 pm) 11130, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
4) DD News () 11130, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
5) ACTVE DOORDARSHAN () 11170, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
6) ETV MP (ETV MP @ Rs 10 pm) 11170, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
7) VH1 (VH1 Channel @ Rs 10 pm) 11170, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
8) Showcase () 11630, H, 32000 8PSK Type(TV=>Radio)Video(101=>0)Type(H.264=>ISO13818)Audio(102=>3002)ECM(109=>3109)
9) Showcase () 11630, H, 32000 8PSK Type(TV=>Radio)Video(201=>0)Type(H.264=>ISO13818)Audio(202=>3002)ECM(209=>3109)
10) Sadhana TV () 11630, H, 32000 8PSK Type(Radio=>TV)Video(0=>2701)Type(ISO13818=>H.264)Audio(3002=>2702)ECM(3109=>2709)
11) Adhyatm TV (AdhyatmTV Channel @ 5 pm) 11630, H, 32000 8PSK Type(Radio=>TV)Video(0=>2601)Type(ISO13818=>H.264)Audio(3002=>2602)ECM(3109=>2609)
12) FILMY (FILMY Channel @ Rs 15 pm) 11670, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
13) ETV UP (ETV UP @ Rs 10 pm) 11670, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
14) ETV Bihar (ETV Bihar @ Rs 10 pm) 11670, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
15) NEPAL1 (NEPAL 1TV @ Rs 5 pm) 11670, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
16) Zee Q (Zee QTV @ Rs 105 pm) 11670, H, 32000 Type(ISO13818=>H.264)
Kumar Sir, how is it possible te channel number 80 is working fine for some people while for others since last 48 hours it is showing no signal? Can u plz clarify
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  • sriji
I am also not getting signals from 080 channel and 11670 V TP.. there was signals 2 days back but not now..
How can it work fine for others? just a guess is the lnb skew is not correct and 11670 V Tp will show signals.. thats y 80 channel tp might work but this is also not possible but cant say exactly...
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  • mjahabarsadiq
Sir try n solve this mystery plz
Bro.. how can i solve others LNB problems?
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